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chocolate pudding.

So, pandemics are weird. This is weird, this thing we are all doing. One big change for most people is that we’re eating three meals a day at home, of our own creation. For those of us who like to cook and have missed the freedom of experimenting with new recipes, the opportunity to do so is what a friend of mine has labeled a “tin lining.” Not a silver lining, surely – there is no silver lining to a global pandemic – something dramatically inferior to that – but something nonetheless nice. Cooking a lot has been nice. And one thing I’ve found myself making a lot is chocolate pudding. Let me begin by telling you about making it stupidly! Continue reading

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quickie desserts: chocolate pudding.

As I’ve said before, from-scratch desserts weren’t a big part of my childhood. The processed dinner foods we ate were few and far between, but when it came to dessert, all bets were off. Unless it was Christmas season, cookies … Continue reading

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cake, glorious cake OR i return to my comfort zone.

Last night I made cake. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Wait, though – this one didn’t have fruit in it! … Yeah. I have one trick. Cake is my trick. With that established, let’s move on. Every year, food … Continue reading

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My grandpa died about two weeks ago. When Italians die, the Italians who are in charge of final arrangements usually include feeding mourners as part of those arrangements. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised.) My mom was in charge of … Continue reading

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