hits and misses.

So, you may remember that I joined a CSA. As anyone who’s joined a CSA in the Northeast knows, that means a lot of zucchini. I’ve only received three so far, but I don’t exactly have a lot of uses for zucchini and it turns out one zucchini makes two whole loaves of zucchini bread! So other than having zucchini bread for breakfast for approximately the next ever, I am not sure what I am going to do with it.

On the bright side, Deb’s zucchini bread recipe is outstanding, so I am not getting bad feelings when I imagine eating it for breakfast for approximately the next ever. And you guys oh my god this was revolutionary – the grater attachment on my food processor meant I could stick a zucchini in the feed slot and walk away and live my life. I didn’t have to hunch over a grater desperately trying to keep all the gratings in my measuring cup! This is a game changer.

That’s our hit for the day. As for misses … well. Well. Last night I adapted Adam’s recipe for smothered pork roast over rice for pork chops instead of a pork roast, and …. well.

My partner tries everything I make. To his credit, this even includes things containing ingredients he’s certain he hates. He is game as game can be. And after eating a few bites of this, he informed me that it made him feel like he was in prison and cashed in his get-out-of-dinner free card, which he’s only ever used once before. My feelings were not nearly so negative, but neither were they positive. I was totally indifferent to this meal, and he found it actively repugnant. I don’t think it’s my adaptation that’s the problem, either. I think it’s just not a very interesting dish. And since prison cuisine is not really what I’m going for here, this definitely will not enter into our regular rotation.

Notes & Verdicts
zucchini bread
by smitten kitchen
Notes: Remember that this makes two loaves! Otherwise, no adaptations to speak of. I did not put in optional nuts. I did put in optional cranberries, but that’s just because we have them and I’d like to use them up. They didn’t change the flavor profile one way or the other.
Verdict: A+. Outstanding.

Smothered Pork Roast Over Rice by The Amateur Gourmet
Notes: My alterations to this recipe were substantial, as I was making pork chops instead of a pork roast, but I did try to keep to the spirit of things. Briefly, I dredged my chops in a mix of flour, salt and pepper, and browned them in oil on both sides. I’m actually really proud of the color I got on them – it is definitely the best color I’ve ever gotten, and I put the credit for that on Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, which I’m slowly reading through for the first time. I then made the roux, which is a basic gravy made of equal parts butter and flour, using a half cup of each. When it was nicely browned, I added three sliced onions, four diced cloves of garlic, and generous amounts of dried thyme and dried rosemary to the pot and covered it all in chicken broth. I let it come to a simmer, re-added my chops, and let the whole thing simmer for probably fifteen minutes.
Verdict: My partner described this as “vomit-looking goo,” and I …. don’t totally disagree with him. I thought it tasted okay but the flavor was not nearly as complex or interesting as Adam would lead you to believe. Mostly I tasted thyme and rosemary. Maybe this is a recipe that really needs the long cooking time you’d get with a pork roast to shine, but I won’t be trying it out. C-

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