honey mustard chicken: help me help myself.

I’m sure I’ve talked here before about The Pioneer Woman. She led me by the hand into serious cooking with her detailed process photos back in 2010, helped me believe that really these cooking techniques with which I was unfamiliar were things anyone could do rather than the purview of a skilled few, and then, as she got increasingly commercial and her recipes got increasingly shitty, I outgrew her. At this point I haven’t read her in years and, in fact, actively dislike a great number of things about her little home-and-garden empire, but many of the recipes she put out at the beginning of her blogging career hold up. One of my favorite pasta dishes is a loose adaptation of one of hers, and my go-to mac and cheese is a not-that-loose adaptation of hers. So I didn’t feel completely insane when, fed up as I am with most of what I cook, I turned to an old recipe of hers to see what I could make of it. She calls it Ranch Style Chicken and smothers the chicken with bacon and cheese. I call it honey mustard chicken and, uh, don’t, with that last thing.

I actually tinkered with this years ago, before I started blogging, and I remember enjoying it. As it currently stands, I like it, but I’m not sure how to cook it to preserve that honey mustard flavor. Ideally I’d grill it, but we only have a Foreman grill, and grilling these on the Foreman was a disaster of burned marinade and carbonized chicken. (Honey and the Foreman very clearly did not mix.) I am going to try marinating the chicken for an hour or two and then oven-baking it next time. Any ideas you’ve got, I’ll take ’em. Here’s the basic marinade.

Honey Mustard Chicken Marinade
Adapted from Ranch Style Chicken by The Pioneer Woman

3/4 cup mustard (dijon or grainy)
1/4 cup honey
Juice of one lemon
Kosher salt
1 tsp. cayenne pepper

That’s it. Simple, right? So help me! How should I prepare the chicken breasts so lovingly marinated in this delicious goop? Grilling didn’t work out, and I’m not going to do it her way. Give me your wisdom.


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2 Responses to honey mustard chicken: help me help myself.

  1. Amy Wilson says:

    I would bake it in a tinfoil packet.

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