things I’m eating these days: internet recipes edition.

I don’t blog much anymore. I’m sorry about that. I’d like to be writing more, but it’s interesting – putting dinner for two on the table every night is really, really different from cooking for pleasure. I still love cooking, and I enjoy putting dinner on the table every night, but it’s a very workmanlike process. I’ve had to make a conscious effort to introduce new recipes into the line-up, because we get so sick of eating the same shit, but I also get into a rhythm, and it can be hard to bust out.

That said, here are a bunch of new recipes I have tried lately, to very mixed results.

Buttermilk “Fried” Chicken by Dinner: A Love Story
DALS is a long-time favorite of mine for its combination of great recipes, clever writing, and a real-life attitude towards putting dinner on the table, but this recipe was a disappointment. It uses the same corn flake base as my fried chicken, but a different set of spices, and the chicken is oven-baked rather than deep-fried. We found the spice combination underwhelming, and I really couldn’t get into the texture. The chicken is brined before baking in buttermilk and garlic to keep it moist, and maybe things would have been different if I could have brined my chicken for several hours rather than 30 minutes or if I’d used dark meat, but I used breasts, and I have to say, the overall textural effect was that of wet, thick cardboard.

It wasn’t inedible, but I won’t be making this again. C

Pork in Milk by Dinner: A Love Story
This is not a good round-up for DALS. Sorry, Andy and Jenny. You guys are great. It’s not you. It’s me.

I’d had this recipe bookmarked for ages before I made it. It’s an adaptation of what is apparently a classic Marcella Hazan recipe, and I was sucked in by the emotional context Andy placed this dish in. In fact – go, read the recipe. I’ll wait.

Good, you’re back. As you are now aware, this was a beloved dish of Andy’s childhood, made by his aunt Patty especially for him, featuring “mounds of nutty, slightly disconcerting-looking, sweet-smelling clusters of milk” at the end. It sounded unique and delicious and I was excited about it. Ultimately, it was …. fine? I mean, it’s a pork loin. It is pretty hard to fuck up a pork loin. But there definitely were not as many milk clusters as I expected, and ultimately, this was just uninteresting. There are approximately eight million ways to cook a pork loin; I won’t be using this one again. B

double coconut muffins by smitten kitchen
Deb is my hero. With very, very rare exceptions, every recipe she posts is a winner, and most of them are pretty interesting. This was both. These muffins were fucking fantastic. The only modifications I made to the recipe were to mix all the shredded coconut in, rather than sprinkling some of it over the top, and to use unsweetened shredded coconut, because sweetened shredded coconut is an abomination. My only word of caution with this recipe would be that the muffins don’t keep super well (I think it has to do with the coconut oil). I mean I ate them until they were gone, but after like two days I was less excited about that. A-

Chicken Paprikash by Simply Recipes

Now that we’ve all got that out of our systems, because let me tell you, the first time I made this I could not stop muttering it under my breath.

This is an old school recipe that you don’t see around much. I was intrigued when I saw it on Simply Recipes (which I love), but despite having had it bookmarked since forever, I found myself wary of making it. I just … wasn’t sure. What does paprika actually taste like? Do I want to make something where something I don’t actually know what it tastes like is the predominant flavor? About a month ago I was so fed up with everything I make that the answer was OH MY GOD, YES, SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE ANYTHING ELSE I MAKE and since then I’ve made it more or less weekly. We’re over the moon for it. I use chicken breasts, because I pretty much always use chicken breasts, and we eat it over egg noodles. I could eat this every day. A

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