shrimp: the other other pink meat.

When I did a fake post (aka a recipe round-up) back in January, I talked a little bit about this delicious shrimp dish. This is the dish that two pain-in-the-ass picky eaters devoured like starving men. It is simple and straight-forward and I’m basically obsessed with it. It goes perfectly with corn casserole (which I prefer to make with fresh corn, these days).

Notes & Verdicts
Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp
by Pastor Ryan via Pioneer Woman

Notes: Couple things to be aware of with this recipe. First of all, you don’t need as much butter as Ryan says you do, but if you’re like me and you use the whole bag of shrimp, you’ll need to add butter to the pan as you remove each batch and add the next. Second of all, I don’t know what fantasy world Ryan is living in where shrimp cook through in 30-60 seconds per side, but mine do not fucking cook through in 30 – 60 seconds per side. It takes longer. It also takes awhile for the sauce to cook down such that you get pan trails when you drag your cooking implement through the sauce, but don’t despair. You’ll get there. (You also don’t need that last tablespoon of butter, I swear to god Ryan only included it because Pioneer Woman is fucking obsessed with butter.) Finally, let me caution you: do not think to yourself, “I am an experienced cook, I don’t need to measure my spices.” Or “I love cayenne pepper, I can just add more.” I did this last time and it was a terrible decision. Learn from my mistakes.

I also use >3 cloves of garlic, because, as Pioneer Woman’s obnoxious, cliche-ridden ass often says, “If some is good, more is better.”

Verdict: These are amazing. I have made them many times, and except for the time where my shrimp were sort of off, they have been absolutely destroyed by eager eaters. A


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