summer produce is the best shit on earth. i am sorry that it is winter.

I love corn on the cob. I didn’t eat it a lot growing up because my mom was laboring under the misconception that she disliked it, so the incredibly high levels of deliciousness contained therein are always a little revelation for me. (I try not to think about the incredibly low levels of nutrition. I wish there was more nutrition. I’m a nut for nutrition.) This past summer, with my mom’s newfound realization that actually, she loves corn on the cob, we were constantly drowning in corn. So what better way to simultaneously showcase its bounty while getting rid of a lot of it than making a giant summer produce pie?

This pie is built around fresh summer corn and summer tomatoes, two of the most perfect foods on earth. They are mixed with a whole bunch of sour cream (the idea of corrupting such a clean, healthy, savory dish as this with mayonnaise (as Kevin suggests) is viscerally repellent to me), cheese, a bit of spices, and some herbs and aromatics. Don’t even consider making this with less than the best and freshest corn or tomatoes, okay? And fresh basil, obviously. If you can’t get this stuff at the time of reading this post, nut up and shut up and wait for summer.

What I realized, after mixing all this together and preparing to shovel it into a savory pie crust, is that the filling would be just as nice, if not slightly nicer, as a dip or entree salad than it was mixed up and made hot. I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a hot entree this is damn near perfect. But on one of those awful 90+ degree humid days, mixing up a batch of this and sitting there with some crusty bread which you, of course, toasted in the oven first, would be a wonderful decision.

Notes & Verdicts
Corn and Tomato Pie with Biscuit Pie Crust
by Closet Cooking

Notes: I’m gonna tell you to do something, and you’re gonna be appalled, but you gotta trust me: leave out the bacon. This dish is so fresh and bright, and slightly sweet, and the cooked smoky meatiness of the bacon tastes completely out of place. There is literally no chance I will make this with bacon in the future. My dad enjoyed it, but there’s no accounting for taste. Kevin’s recommended pie crust tastes great and is a good sturdy accompaniment to the filling. This pie is fucking gigantic, so a sturdy crust is highly recommended.

Verdict: Perfect summer food. A+


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