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oatmeal for cold mornings.

I’ve gotten really into oatmeal over the past months. It is a wonderful and delicious way to start the day, though unfortunately I don’t make it on weekdays. (On weekdays, getting out of bed and to school/work more or less … Continue reading

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peach pie, no frills.

Yes, I know it’s November and even the apples are over. Yes, I know we pretentious white folk like to eat seasonally and locally and organically and pedantically, and peach season ended in August. But maybe that’s all the more … Continue reading

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fried chicken, my way.

After writing yesterday’s fried chicken round-up, you have one guess what I made for dinner. That’s right: beef stew. No, seriously, obviously, I made fried chicken. And while my fried chicken – to be fair, I should say my dad’s … Continue reading

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really, all I want to do is eat fried chicken.

I fucking love fried chicken. It might be my favorite food. (This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows how obsessed I am with anything crispy, which should be all of you by now as the number of … Continue reading

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butternut squash soup for fall, oh god, i’m so sorry.

It’s been months. I’m sorry. I have two excuses, at least covering the past couple months: grad school, with associated internship, and moving. But really, I have no excuse, and I miss you. I owe you, in no particular order, … Continue reading

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