in defense of delicious, delicious macaroons.

I promise I will have a post about movies up soon. I’m working on something about why age gaps in movie romances irritate me, and as soon as that’s up I’m going to do a review of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Plus I have a review of Cold Weather, this awesome indie, that is dying to be written. I’m just cooking a lot lately! (ohgodpleaseloveme)

Much like melon, macaroons get a bad rap. Many people seem to think of them as glorified Passover food – and as anyone who’s grown up in a Jewish area knows, Passover food is basically the devil the other 357 days of the year – and then there’s the lunatics who hate coconut. I don’t know what to do with these people because they suck. But even being a coconut lover, I never really got on the macaroon train. I found them too sticky and too sweet, two things I do not love. (Get it? Too, two? That wasn’t even intentional. I’m just that hilarious.) When I decided to make macaroons last night, it was for my mom, who loves them.

But holy fuck. I still think macaroons in general are not particularly good, but these are fucking insane. I got – and minimally modified – the recipe from another blog I don’t read anymore, Two Peas and Their Pod. I stopped reading Two Peas awhile ago because the recipes felt a little kitchen-sink-y rather than creative and thought-provoking, plus they were mostly desserts, which I have at various points favored more than I’d like in my reading. Also, the writing is bad. I’ll read a blog to kingdom come if the writing is good even if I don’t care about the recipes, but Maria of Two Peas writes like she’s read a lot of mediocre ad copy and figured out how to spit it back. I don’t think she’s insincere, but I do find her boring. (And not for nothing, but relentless upbeat attitudes like that of Two Peas (coughMormonscough) really turn me off. I like positivity. I don’t like Suzy Sunshine.) I was also suspicious that Two Peas desserts would be too sweet. I think I was right, but I made a few changes to the macaroon recipe that gave it a perfect, delicate level of sweetness.

Notes and Verdicts

Coconut Lime Macaroons by Two Peas and Their Pod
Notes: Couple big changes I made from the recipe as given, so pay attention.

– As you might have noticed if you clicked the link, the recipe is for coconut lime macaroons with white chocolate. The level of overkill that sounds like to me really cannot be stated strongly enough. Obviously – and, in my opinion, sensibly – I skipped the white chocolate step entirely.

– The recipe calls for 3 1/2 cups sweetened coconut. I had about a cup of sweetened coconut and I made up the rest of the amount with unsweetened. As strongly as I find white chocolate in a macaroon recipe to be overkill do I recommend you do this, or use entirely unsweetened coconut. The sweetness of the sweetened condensed milk (seriously guys, what is that shit, it tastes like dulce de leche – in fact, I’m pretty sure it is dulce de leche – and I have no earthly clue why it exists) is more than enough to sweeten the batter sufficiently.

– The recipe calls for crazy, measured amounts of lime juice and zest. I don’t know who these people are who are able to zest and juice citrus such that the results are measureable, but guys, just zest and juice one lime. It’s fine.

– I recommend baking them for closer to 20 minutes than 15, because then the coconut around the edges gets really nicely caramelized.

Verdict: These are seriously over the top. The flavor is light and delicate, with the lime and coconut playing oh so well together. Nothing overwhelms anything. They don’t even get that sticky. They last beautifully overnight, if they last overnight. Me and my family went apeshit on them. A+


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One Response to in defense of delicious, delicious macaroons.

  1. Rosa says:

    Oooh, I love macaroons, I have been making this one that uses unsweetened coconut the last few years (and i skip the chocolate step. Too sweet, and too much work.) The lime ones sound good, too.

    The purpose of sweetened condensed milk: to make dulce le leche from, to make fudge, and to put into thai iced coffee. You know how they bring you the tiny cup of french press and a cup of white goo to mix in your ice glass? That’s sweetened condensed milk.

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