food round-up part 1: pork.

My friends, it’s been too long.

I have no excuse. I’m sorry. But I’m back, and I want – nay, I need! – to tell you about three things: this pork chop recipe, this fish market, and this grain.

Let’s start with the pork chops.

A few weeks ago I found myself in possession of what has somehow become a rarity in my life: a free night on which to cook. As I so often do on such occasions, I turned to Jenny and Andy for help and rediscovered this pork chop recipe that I’ve been wanting to make for ages. Pork chops? Apples? Various apple-flavored and -derived substances? Onions? What could possibly go wrong?!

As it turns out, not a damn thing. I used pork cutlets instead of chops because I had them, and due to a tragic mis-estimation wound up doubling my liquids, keeping my solids steady, and still not having enough sauce – this actually only makes truly sufficient sauce for 3 – 4 pieces of pork, guys! if you need more, double everything – and it remained completely delicious. The apples and onions cook down into a sort of appley-oniony paste that you spread on your chops like jelly, and if you don’t think that sounds delicious then fuck you, man, it’s awesome. You should make this for dinner tonight. You’re welcome.

Notes & Verdicts
Pork Chops with Mustardy Apples and Onions by Dinner: A Love Story
Notes: As I said above, follow the recipe. The ratios are damn near perfect, which I found out by not quite following them and expecting everything to work out. It did, to an extent, but there wasn’t enough sauce for all six pork cutlets, which was disappointing for everyone involved.
Verdict: No-frills tasty. This is the kind of recipe which for many people is as autopilot standard as it gets, but if you didn’t grow up cooking and eating foods prepared in this style – which I didn’t – a good recipe is an invaluable entry into the world of figuring it out. A

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