the best internets of the past several days because christmas is hella quiet, vol. 5

How to Make Love to a Trans Person via Johnny B.
This poem is gorgeous and amazing, and although I didn’t reshare it I should have.

The 7 Most Horrifying Cost Cutting Measures of All-Time
This is from Cracked, but it’s not by my secret boyfriend John Cheese. In true Cracked fashion, this list will tell you lots of ways you might die in the guise of “horrifying cost-cutting measures.” Read it and laugh and also try not to weep.

Tomorrow this’ll rev back up, but dang folks, them holidays are quiet.


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One Response to the best internets of the past several days because christmas is hella quiet, vol. 5

  1. Darth Thulhu says:

    On the cost-cutting article, I’ve read about the rural firefighting withholding incident before, and I believe it’s a good deal more complicated than the grins-and-laughs version Cracked went with.

    Basically, the firefighting arrangement is run as insurance. You pay, you have coverage. Only if most people pay can the neighboring county department afford the staffing and transit costs for coverage. My understanding is that the homeowner did more than just forget to pay, he deliberately chose not to pay. And so the volunteer department in the neighboring county held him to that, and refused to provide the fire insurance coverage he hadn’t supported.

    All of which is the natural consequence of a community refusing to tax themselves enough to support adequate public services.

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