yesterday’s best internets, vol. 4

Slim pickings yesterday. The internet is slowly going on Christmas vacation; I have no such luxury. HARD-WORKING INTERNETTERS NEVER SLEEP.

Mitt’s Zest for Zings by Gail Collins
Collins is my favorite. Also my mom’s favorite. From this particular recent side-splitting column:

“Zany is not what we need in a president,” [Romney] said.

I would say this is an extremely safe position for Romney to take because the odds are very good that no one has ever called Mitt zany in his entire life. Unless it was when he drove to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof of the station wagon. (“Hey, Mister, you got an Irish setter on top of your car. What are you, zany or something?”)

Zany really is a pretty unusual word. Why do you think he chose it? Once, early in my journalistic career, I spent an unhappy season writing the stock market report for United Press International, and I remember trying to divert myself by beginning all my verbs with the same letter. (“Stocks zigged and zagged today in mixed trading, but the Dow zoomed on a late-day rally. …”) Do you think Mitt is trying to stay interested in his long and rather dreary campaign by describing his opponent with adjectives beginning with a different letter every day? Do you think he’s going to start with Z and go backward? We will know for sure if tomorrow he points out that Newt is “kind of yappy.”

And a meme supporting it created by my good buddy Aleks.


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