yesterday’s best internets, vol 3.

This goat knows its meth. If you aren’t already reading Animals Talking In All Caps, I can help you with that problem.

The Hobbit trailer goes live, geeks around the world remember standing in line for the premieres. Of which I was one. Snuck out of school early and everything.

An Early Holiday Hangover Gail Collins is consistently side-splitting and usually also pretty clever. Here, she updates us on the status of various pieces of reproductive rights legislation.

…while the rest of the world is out shopping for presents, Republican candidates for president have been lining up to sign a “personhood” pledge sponsored by a group that believes that life begins at the moment an egg is fertilized. (Romney is sort of dithering, but Newt Gingrich signed on even though he had publicly rejected the concept earlier this month.) If enacted into law, “personhood” would prohibit many forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization. It is an idea so extreme that the voters of Mississippi rejected it.

Which might make an excellent slogan for the current crop of presidential candidates. “The Republican Field: So Far Right, Mississippi Thinks They’re Scary.”

Chicago Gang Territory vs 2011 Chicago Homicides Also contains information about Chicago’s failing schools. Read it and weep, literally.


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One Response to yesterday’s best internets, vol 3.

  1. Red Jenny says:

    The only movie I might (for the first time in my life ever) see the first showing of is The Dark Night Rises. I’m not worried about Hobbit spoilers. I just hope they don’t mess it up with out of place LOTR gloom and female characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love LOTR gloom and women, they just have no place in The Hobbit.

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