yesterday’s best internets vol. 1

Hey guys! I am rolling out a new blog feature today. I hope you like it.

Over the past couple years I have developed a reputation among my friends and acquaintances as something of a curator of the internet (at least, the lefty/feminist/cute-animal-loving sector thereof). I post a pretty prodigious quantity of stuff to facebook every day, and I’m lucky to have chatty, thoughtful and intelligent friends who join me in stimulating conversation about much of it. I also know that people seem to appreciate my curation, since they tell me they do. I make friends this way. I love the internet.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start reblogging the stuff I post to facebook over here as a daily collection I will pretentiously and self-importantly call “yesterday’s best internets.” That way those of you without facebook, or who don’t check it as obsessively as I used to, can still get the incredible benefit of seeing what my brainmeats enjoy consuming. My hope is that people enjoy it and that some of the wonderful discussion I get on my fbook will migrate over here. And hey, if you guys talk enough I might even invest in a good comment system. (Promises, promises.)

For the record, this is not intended to supplant normal long-form posts, which will continue to roll out on my ridiculous feast-or-famine schedule. This is for the benefit of my friends, and let’s be honest, my ego. Page views make me happy. And all the bloggers I read who are successful say you need a lot of regular content for more people to read you regularly, and I think it’s obvious that like most writers of any stripe my ego is boundlessly desperately hungry for stroking that comes in the form of people reading my shit. So I’m killing a couple birds with one hefty stone here. For the other record, as with my movie diatribes, I make no promises of timeliness in terms of the stuff I read being current. Sometimes I come upon something several years old and want to share it. This is basically “stuff I read yesterday and liked enough to share.”

And now, without further ado…

yesterday’s best internets, vol. 1

A New Yorker cartoon about the restrictions on obtaining Plan B via Mariya M.

The New Full-Frontal: Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct? What it says on the tin. For reasons I can’t quite identify the beauty standards around pubic hair upset me more than most beauty standards. This sentiment, as my facebook proved, is controversial.

Do girls really need pink Legos? This is so frustrating: “Reading this week about the new “Lego Friends” designed with the goal of reaching “the other 50 percent of the world’s children” just stunned me.

Who knew? Those blocks have been boy blocks all along.”

Regarding Christopher In the wake of Christopher Hitchens’ death, there have been thousands of words expended upon him. I think he was a fucking blowhard whose gift for prose was virtually unparalleled. This is my favorite eulogy to date.

Top Five Regrets of The Dying As written by someone who worked in palliative care (aka hospice). These are what dying people most often regret. Modify your lives accordingly.


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2 Responses to yesterday’s best internets vol. 1

  1. Craig says:

    The pubic hair thing is a fucking minefield. I know how I feel about the issue but that’s some Pandora’s Box shit right there.

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