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scones, four ways.

I first tried to make scones during a late-night baking binge about six months ago. At that point I was low on or out of most of the items you need to successfully bake anything, but I jerry-rigged the basic … Continue reading

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an open letter to Michael Chabon concerning the merits and deficiencies of Gentlemen of the Road

Here follow extensive and detailed spoilers for Gentlemen of the Road. If you intend to read that, do not read on. Dear Mick, You’re getting better. Seriously. You’ve improved. As you know, I was not terribly optimistic after reading Yiddish … Continue reading

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Lindsay creates cake, I make cake.

Ever since Italy, my mom has been making a lot of trips to the Italian import store. She has come home with a variety of different delicious items, and a few weeks ago she came home with a jar of … Continue reading

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breakfast. brace yourselves.

If you’re like me, you’re flummoxed by any meal other than dinner. It’s a rare day that I have it together enough in the morning to prepare a bowl of cereal, let alone actually cook something, and nice lunches have … Continue reading

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