delicious blueberry cake.

Last night I made yet another cake with fruit in it. What I really wanted to make was a cobbler or pie, but we didn’t have enough available fruit for a cobbler, and I’ve never made pie crust and am intimidated of anything requiring rolling out. (Also, we don’t have a rolling pin. I have sort of inaugurated the whole “baking regularly” thing in my house.) I should probably start baking things other than cake with fruit in it, but cake with fruit in it is easy and delicious, and we always have all the ingredients on hand. So I have a new scheme: I am going to figure out some stuff I want to make that isn’t cake with fruit in it and make a point of having those ingredients on hand going forward. For instance, I started keeping cocoa powder, and have since made two kinds of chocolate cookies! Two kinds. All I need is the pearls and the A-line dress and I’m a 1950s housewife. (Also, I’d need some downers. I hear downers were key.)

Anyway. Cake with fruit in it. One great thing about baked goods involving berries is that you can usually sub one berry for another without losing too much/any quality, so I looked broadly for any berrylicious recipes I could find as I intended to bake with blueberries. After digging through smitten kitchen and Joy the Baker, I settled on this cake from smitten kitchen, with the intention of subbing blueberries for raspberries.

I’m pleased to report that no dairy products were harmed in the making of this cake, unlike the last time I baked. I am otherwise pleased to report that this was dead easy, a total throw-together cake. You should make it because it’s awesome.

Notes and Verdicts

This is listed as Raspberry Buttermilk Cake on smitten kitchen, but obviously I did not make a raspberry cake. So: Blueberry Buttermilk Cake!

Notes: Obviously, the most important change I made was to use blueberries instead of raspberries. I used about half a pint of blueberries as opposed to a cup, since when I looked at Deb’s lovely cake it had way fewer raspberries than I was hoping for. This was a delicious change. Otherwise, I did not add lemon zest because I did not have a lemon, and I scanted all the sugar. Both 1/3 cups were scant, and when scattering sugar over the top I stopped after probably 2/3 tbsp because that is, in point of fact, a fuckton of sugar.
Verdict: Jesus Mary and Joseph this shit is good. The blueberries turn into jam. The crumb is so soft and tender. Make and eat this right now, seriously, you gotta. A

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