tan from mediterranean sun and full of complaints about american coffee.

Lesson #1 Learned While Abroad: do not attempt to blog your trip while still abroad. You will fail.

Lesson #2 Learned While Abroad: Italian bugs don’t give a shit. They are invisible and deadly.

But I am back now, in the land of toilets with seats and drip coffee, and I have many posts waiting for you. They include:

– adventures in airline security
– an open letter to Michael Chabon concerning the fact that women read his books
– the long-awaited post on Super 8 (shut up, i know i am the only one awaiting it, go away)
– a slightly less long-awaited post on Horrible Bosses
– and most importantly, tons of rambling about all the delicious and not-so-delicious food I ate in Italy and France!

I am excited to write these. Hopefully you are excited to read them. In the meantime, my facebook has tons of photos from each phase of the trip. I worked hard to make the albums funny and educational, so they will not waste your time!


About Sara

I like to talk about media, food, and gender.
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