seasonal eating invades my blog roll.

The one down side of everyone who thinks about food embracing the seasonal eating craze is that one’s blog roll becomes overwhelmed with recipes for the exact same ingredients. A month ago it was all ramps all the time. Next came a rhubarbstravaganza. Now, today in my Google Reader, after seeing maybe one recipe for this vegetable in the months I’ve been reading cooking blogs, there are no less than three fucking recipes for kale. Cookbook Archaeology‘s going all modern and putting kale crisps in her salad; Happy Opu‘s featuring another Celina Dean special, this time a kale salad; and Serious Eats: New York is featuring a to-go lunch served on, you guessed it, a bed of yet another kale fucking salad.

Guys, I know it’s the crunchy organic foodie motherfucker thing to do to eat seasonally, and my parents do go to the farmer’s market pretty often, but yknow what? When I’m making dinner and we don’t have tons of veggies in my face, I run to the grocery store down the street. My whole life my parents shopped for dinner the day they made it. They weren’t meal planners, and they weren’t “buy the bell peppers, they’re on sale and then we’ll figure out how to use them!” All that shaped my food consciousness, and so while I do try to be seasonal about things like fruit – largely because of flavour – I don’t exactly need seventeen new recipes for an onion-garlic relative I’ve never heard of whose name is synonymous with a piece of utilitarian furniture. (Ramps. I’m talking about ramps.)

But, you know, I have them. Closet Cooking alone could have you living off nothing but ramps for a month.

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